Dr. Robert Xanthos

Dr. Robert Xanthos
Physician – Nutritionist


Clinical Nutrition Consulting for Healthier Lifestyles
Bridging Traditional Medicine & Functional Nutrition

The Benefits of Clinical Nutrition for Optimal Results

If you have ever purchased vitamins in a nutritional store, surfed the net for nutritional answers or sought the advice of a health expert, you know that nutritional and dietary recommendations may vary, often conflict, and at times confuse and frustrate the average person looking for help and guidance.


The Road to Better Health and Wellness

Clinical Nutritional eliminates the guesswork by testing for nutritional deficiencies, reviewing any current symptoms, genetic, family and medical history. Understanding your current state of metabolic health and dietary habits will allow for and more comprehensive assessment.

Recommendations are based on science based nutrition providing objective improvements in body chemistry and allows for a more targeted and prescriptive approach to dietary and supplemental recommendations.

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If your case is accepted – we will schedule a Comprehensive Health Assessment – which will include a preliminary report based on your health assessment forms, general diet, and any symptoms you are experiencing.

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