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Healthy Cleansing for Better Digestion – Weight Loss & Boosting the Immune System – Part 1

By Dr. Robert Xanthos, D.C., C.C.N., C.S.C.S.

Healthy Cleansing for Better Digestion – Weight Loss & Boosting the Immune System – Part 1

Whether you suffer from occasional indigestion, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, or heartburn, you have a digestive disorder and you are not alone.

  • Digestive disorders have reached epidemic proportions in the US. Over 6o million men, women suffer from disorders of the digestive system and GI tract. More and more children are treated for digestive disorders.
  • Digestive disorders are directly linked to dietary and lifestyle imbalances, including chronic stress, excessive alcohol, and smoking.

The health of our gastrointestinal system (gut) has a dramatic impact on our immune system.

  • Research has shown that an imbalanced and unhealthy gut contributes to obesity, diabetes, autoimmune disorders, depression and more.
  • Chronic stress has shown to have a direct impact on our gut health and its ability to digest food, absorb nutrients and eliminate toxins.

Clinical Nutrition Protocols for the Treatment of Most Digestive Disorders

  • A Comprehensive Dietary Analysis and Food Sensitivity Test will help identify those foods, and toxins that are contributing to the imbalance of the gut so they can be eliminated immediately from the daily diet. Step one is to removing the primary causes of imbalance and irritation to the GI system.
  • Step two is to begin repairing any damage to your gut with safe and clinically proven nutrients, including medical foods to both reduce inflammation and repair the GI lining.
  • Step three is to restore the natural balance of the gut and colon with probiotics and valuable enzymes from whole foods and supplementation that also support the detoxification process.

Cleansing Foods and Tips for Better Digestion

  • Digestive enzymes taken with meals help breakdown foods for better absorption.

Indigestion is often the result of food groups that do not digest well together like meat and potatoes.

  • Taking probiotics like Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium help restore friendly bacteria to the gut.

Organic unsweetened yogurt is safe and easy to digest, providing high levels of good bacteria and therefore cleansing to the colon.

  • Eat smaller meals, chew your food thoroughly and limit fluid intake with meals.
  • Got fiber?

Soluble and insoluble fiber have a number of health-promoting activities, provides bulk to stools, and speeds up the transit time of food through the GI tract alleviating constipation.

 A diet that is high in fiber is excellent for keeping your digestive system working efficiently!

  • Apples are an ideal cleansing food, as most colon cleansing products contain some form of apple.  Apples contain pectin that thickens in your GI tract and helps with better elimination.
  • Celery is one of the best foods to cleanse your colon, high in dietary fiber and even burns calories during the digestive process!
  • Garlic contains a substance called Allicin, and is considered a natural antibiotic by most health experts. A great immune booster that also helps reduce bad cholesterol and lower blood pressure. If you are not a fan of garlic, try aged and odorless organic supplements available in most health food stores

Americans are suffering needlessly from digestive disorders. Many of these conditions are treated effectively with the use of medical foods and nutrients that are designed to reduce inflammation, heal the damaged GI lining, and restore the healthy balance of friendly bacteria.

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