Dr. Robert Xanthos

Healthy Cleansing for Better Digestion – Weight Loss & Boosting the Immune System – Part 2

By Dr. Robert Xanthos, D.C., C.C.N., C.S.C.S.

Healthy Cleansing for Better Digestion – Weight Loss & Boosting the Immune System – Part 2

Cleansing & detoxification programs have grown in popularity over the years and proven to be a wonderful health remedy for common health complaints. As a physician and nutritionist, I have found many still “unclear” about what “cleansing” involves and cautious about some of the programs on the market today.

Our body is exposed to hundreds of toxins every single day. Cosmetics and grooming products, cleaning products, and exposure to food and environmental toxins can, over time, create “toxic overload” and interfere with our body’s natural ability to detoxify. This toxic burden can show up in a number of symptoms and impact general health and wellbeing.

Are Toxins Making You Sick?
According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration over 50 pesticides used on non-organic crops are classified as “carcinogens”. In addition, more than 10,000 additives are added to our food supply, not to forget the new GMO foods produced by Monsanto. The average American eats about 142 pounds of additives a year. According to the Environmental Protection Agency more than 1,000,000 Americans drink water laced with pesticides.

Common Symptoms from Toxic Overload.

  • Headaches – Fatigue & Irritability
  • Hair, Skin and GI Disorders
  • Brain Fog (Difficulty Concentrating)
  • Weight Gain

Cleansing should begin by removing foods that may be inflammatory and harmful to the body and including only those foods that support, not hinder, the body’s ability to detoxify our daily exposure to toxins.

Occasional cleansing has been referred to as “Spring cleaning” for the body and digestive system.  We all clean our homes on a regular process – yet once or twice a year we clean the screens, ceilings, carpets, vents and do a deeper cleaning or “house cleansing”.

Published studies support the benefits of intermittent fasting & cleansing. Studies show that we can not only eliminate harmful chemicals from our blood, but also release trapped abdominal and visceral (organ) fat with healthy cleansing. Cleansing, done right, can be an effective way to recharge, rejuvenate and renew our cells.

Important Cleansing Guidelines

  • Choose only organic products to limit your exposure to preservatives, pesticides and toxins.
  • Drink filtered water though out the day. (1/2 ounce of water per pound of body wt.)
  • Food Sensitivity Test is recommended prior to begging your cleanse.
  • Eliminate alcohol, grains, dairy, legumes, sugar and bottled or canned juices.
  • Consume smaller portions of food every 3 hours to help keep blood sugar levels balanced.
  • Research supports intermittent fasting (liquid only) for 24-48 hours.
  • Discuss your cleansing program with your physician or any licensed health care practitioner that is an experienced cleansing coach.
  • Consume a daily minimum of 1/2 gram of protein per pound of body weight.
  • Include a comprehensive whole food vitamin & mineral supplement program.

For more information about healthy cleansing programs – schedule a free brief 15-minute health consultation with Dr. Xanthos 602.264.4040. Our center offers a variety of safe and effective cleansing programs personalized to meet your needs.

Dr. Robert Xanthos is Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist and Director of The Wellness Center at Spine In Motion. 5112 N. 40th Street, Suite 101, (602) 264-4040.